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Programs Offered

The Master’s Program

At the Department of Sociology of Masaryk University, the Master’s Degree can be obtained in three following programs.


Sociology Master’s program prepares Soc -students students for continuing their studies at the postgraduate level and pursuing an academic career in the social sciences, as researchers or university teachers. The program also provides relevant education for students who are planning: careers in such fields as counseling, criminal justice, education, international relations, journalism, market research or public relations, public health, social welfare and social work, public administration, or urban planning. It may also be a valuable major for those who want to enter law, medicine, architecture, business, or politics. See the Master’s Degree section of this website for more information.

Cultural Sociology

The Master Degree in Cultural Sociology seeks students with a strong interest in the development of contemporary societies, who want to research topics such as globalization, migration, popular culture, changes in identity and societal transformations. Its research and teaching activities in the field evolve around the Masaryk University’s Center for Cultural Sociology and draw on a close cooperation with the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale University, and other institutions in Europe and worldwide. See the Master’s Degree section of this website for more information.

International Joint Master’s Degree in Cultural Sociology

is a 4 semester (2 year) full-time Master’s program that resulted from long-term cooperation within the consortium  of four partners - University of Graz / University of Zadar / University of Trento / Masaryk University. You will enroll at one of the partner universities, and spend at least one semester (3rd semester is designed for mobility) at another partner university of the consortium. Upon graduation you will receive a joint diploma of all four partner universities!
See the Joint Degree section of this website for more information.

The Ph.D. Program

Escon _conference -300x 199 The PhD program is a four-year course of study including coursework and independent research and writing. Students who have completed a Master’s degree (in the Czech Republic or elsewhere) in Sociology or a related discipline are welcome to apply to enter the Doctoral degree program. Those without background in Sociology must complete a course in basic sociological literature during the first year of studies and pass an exam on this literature at the beginning of the following academic year. The passing of this exam is a condition for the continuation of regular studies.


The admission procedure usually takes place twice a year, in June and in February. Detailed information about the admissions can be found here under programs and in genearal (including PhD) at the website of the Faculty of Social Studies and asked through admission@fss.muni.cz.

Department of Sociology also welcomes applications to joint European PhD program Social Representation and Communication – read the conditions and apply through the website of the program.