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After Graduation

The graduates of Sociology and Cultural Sociology can pursue careers in the field of marketing, opinion polls, at employment
Ceremony _diploma -300x 199 offices, in state administration, in educational institutions and research centers, in human resource agencies and departments, in non-governmental sphere and social movements, in media and creative industries, in cultural marketing – everywhere, where they can use their skills for analyzing and understanding of social phenomena.

Masaryk University continuously follows the employment rate of its graduates, and seeks their opinions regarding the quality of education received. Alumni opinions are gathered via two periodically implemented surveys: “Completion of studies at MU – looking back and to the future”, and “MU alumni employment after graduation.”

Graduates’ Surveys

Here are some facts about the graduates of Masaryk University (MU) and its Faculty of Social Studies (FSS MU), based on survey regularly conducted by Masaryk University, results from 2015:

Only less than 9% of our graduates are not satisfied with how Masaryk University has prepared them for (professional) life

GraduatesUnemployment among MU graduates is low. 58% of the graduates find jobs within short time after graduation (35% of students already work at the time of graduation), 18.1% of graduates have other plans (they continue in further studies, etc.). Most of the rest finds jobs within one year. Only 12% of FSS graduates fear unemployment.

40% of the FSS graduates work in public services or institutions (including education), 17% of in international companies or abroad, 2.4% start their own business

64% of FSS graduates work in the field related to their studies (to social sciences)

74% of FSS graduates said it was not difficult to find a job

89% of all MU graduates and 84% of FSS graduates believe that their job has good prospects

For more information see the whole factsheets (in Czech): http://www.muni.cz/general/evaluation/graduates?lang=en