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Liubov Sivtceva  Cultural Sociology  Yakutsk, Russia  enrolled in 2014 Starobrno _tour

Its been already a year since I started my Master Degree of Cultural Sociology at Masaryk University. By writing this I would like to say big thanks for my opportunity to be a part of it. The University have International environment and qualified professors that will always glad to guide you and also plenty of interesting lectures from many guest professors from different countries ready to share with their experience. Cultural Sociology program is a great chance to try your skills, knowledge and discover new ways and approaches. Here I met a lot of great people from all over the world, found my supporters and friends that are my classmates. Beside deep and diverse knowledge Masaryk University also gave me an opportunity to learn a lot of things about myself!

I can say that study in MU is more than just study, it is also an irreplaceable life experience, culture exchange and personal growth. I found Masaryk University in an incredible unique city Brno that is full of life and young energy. The city is also a center of preservation of traditions, language, culture and various entertainment.


Marianne Feikema • Sociology •  The Netherlands graduated in 2015

What else can I mention what my classmates (Vlada, Sanjoy, and Haris) haven’t named? Well, the first year mainly consists of obligatory courses providing in-depth background information of sociology and more practical courses such as research methodology and how to write extensive academic reports. In these courses you have quite a lot of freedom to specialize in a field of your interest. Hereby, you can slowly start guiding yourself to a topic for the final thesis which has to be written in the second year. For basically all topics there are specialized teachers available at the Faculty of Social Studies who will supervise you during the process of doing research. My advice (that I have been told many times by other students/teachers): make sure you are ready to have a concrete research plan by the beginning of the third semester, so that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary stress! ;)

Further, I can only agree with my peers to say that it’s great to be surrounded by people from all over the world and that Brno is a good place to stay for at least two years. Because the study consists for a great part of self-study, you are able to schedule your study hours and leisure time in the way that suits you best. Welcome to Masaryk University and enjoy your time here!  


Vlada Šahović • Sociology •  Serbia graduated in 2015

In so far as I did not know where or what to study, the choice of Masaryk University turned out to be a very good one, as well as the sociology course offered here was. The multicultural environment, which most would argue provides a great environment for attaining new ideas and points of views on various topics, far exceeded my expectations considering that Brno is a 400,000 people strong Central European city and not some grand metropolis commonly thought of as an international center. I’ve had colleagues from the Philippines, Thailand, Burma, Singapore, Iran, Turkey, Hungary, South Africa, USA, The Netherlands, and many other countries, and I’ve been here only for a year at this point.

Another important aspect is the quality and professionalism of the academic staff. As far as sociology goes, there are some excellent, world renowned professors the university can boast about, especially in the fields of migration studies and cultural sociology. Attending their lectures can be an overwhelming and humbling experience at times, but nonetheless presents a fairly rare opportunity (at least in the course of my education thus far it was) to learn a great deal from real experts in their respective fields.

From my perspective the learning environment here is very stimulative and I would warmly advise anyone looking for a good education in the field of sociology to consider Masaryk University as an option. There is no denying that it is a true representative of the famed Central European educational tradition.


Roosje Karlijn Derks • Cultural Sociology The Netherlands graduated in 2016

I’m a 22-year-old student from the Netherlands enjoying my nomadic spirit by travelling and spending most of my time abroad, in this case – studying in Brno. I am currently in the third semester of the English Master’s programme in Cultural Sociology. At this point I find myself very happily living and studying in Brno, sharing a flat with Czech people, and especially enjoying the city for its diverse and lively nightlife and its (international) student population.


Sanjoy Kumar Chanda Sociology Bangladesh graduated in 2015

Masaryk University (MU) in the Czech Republic is the second home for overseas students as it has fully made international standard academic leading campus over the world. From the viewpoint of ongoing master student at Faculty of Social Science in the area of Sociology, I have found that Sociology department offers a wide variety of courses, helpful faculty and staff, and many research opportunities. To me academic program of Sociology is very constructive and department welcomes preserving the democratic rights of students. Master degree program in Sociology includes both coursework and thesis. Students are encouraged to choose their thesis project related to their home country. Junior sociologists have a platform to present their new social inventions at seminars. To promote the study of sociology, department maintains collaboration with different international universities and offers scholarships based on merit. Last but not the least, MU offers nice accommodation and catering services for international students.


Haris Husarić  Sociology Bosnia and Herzegovina graduated in 2015

Being a student of the Masaryk University and living in Brno for the past year have exceeded my expectations. Having colleagues from all around the world, and studying sociology in such a culturally versatile place, is actually really interesting. The lecturers and teaching assistants contribute to a very stimulating academic surroundings with an interesting way of dealing with variety of topics, especially when it comes to the field of cultural sociology. 

At the same time, living in a small, but beautiful city, such as Brno, brings student life to a new level. Since English is in use everywhere, being a foreign student here is not hard. Traveling is also one of the benefits of living in Brno. Its great position, and closeness to some of the most attractive cities, will contribute to an active student life in a very interesting way. 

If you are thinking about studying sociology, and you like what you have read so far about the Masaryk University and Brno, search no more – you have found the place.


Amphika Ananta Sociology Thailand graduated in 2015

I have always dreamt to study abroad and engage in international environment at school. Now, my dream comes truth. Masaryk University is a good choice for me, especially the sociology program. It provides fundamental theories for students and lets students participate in the these and the discussions. I learnt a lot from my classmate's opinions and their experiences. The professors and staff also are very supportive and friendly. Masaryk University is located in Brno, the second largest city in Czech Republic. I think it is a good place to study because it is not too crowded and it is surrounded with historical churches, castles, and nature.

Gabriel Roelof du Plessis • Sociology South Africa • graduated in 2014
Given the cachet Masaryk University has built for itself, the excellent academic environment should not have been such a surprise. Masaryk University, nevertheless, surpassed all my expectations. Lecturers provide world-class education and are always there to help. However, it is the university’s incredible international environment that made this experience most rewarding. Studying sociology with students from Russia, Mexico, Bangladesh, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, America, Australia, Philippines, Croatia and Albania allowed me to see even seemingly mundane topics in an intriguing new light. My research was indelibly enriched as a result of such a multivalent and multicultural academic environment. Choosing Masaryk University was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made. If a world-class education and an international environment is what you are looking for, there really is only one university for you.

Evgenia Fomenko • Sociology Russian Federation • graduated in 2014
To be honest, my choice of Masaryk University was more or less accidental. I was searching for an ideal school to continue my studies and suddenly found the website of Sociology Master Program of Masaryk University. This page was so clearly written and so well organised that I knew for sure from the very first look on it: I am going to study there. Now, after two semesters of study in an incredible international community, I can say that this year was far beyond my expectations. Since the first days of school I was absorbed in a professional environment, built not only by my teachers, but also by my classmates. I am glad that I am a part of this fantastic community. Believe me, here you feel that you can move mountains.

XU Shuangping • Sociology • China • graduated in 2012
Studying the Master-degree in Sociology at Masaryk University is one of the most unforgettable and fantastic experiences for me.
The Faculty of Social Studies stresses research activities as part of the teaching and encourages students to do their own research with the knowledge they have learned.
The Faculty library offers us international students a large number of useful and English books:) We have professors from all over the world with profound academic background who broaden our horizons and help us to enrich our knowledge. Besides, the staff working in the international student office always help us to deal with different problems patiently and make our abroad study and life easier.The ISC (International Student Club) at MU is also a highlight for campus life, which organizes a variety of international student activities. Like learning foreign language, volunteering and sporting. According to these interesting activities, we can make friends with people from different countries and to know their culture, tradition and languages. And I think this is what we cannot simply learn from book. All in all, I really enjoyed my study and life in MU, and thank for all my dear professors, teachers and friends.

Tetiana Ivanova • Sociology • Ukraine • graduated in 2011
Studying at the Master program in Sociology at the Masaryk University was very enriching and interesting for me. First of all, there was a great opportunity to complete my research project: there were many specialists in that area at our faculty, who were always ready to help me with a wise advice or guide my work. In addition to that, the university library together with the open access to different scientific journals provided all necessary materials for writing papers, preparing presentations, and simply getting to know something new. The lecturers of the university were highly qualified and very pleasant, always ready to help. I should also notice that office for international studies of the faculty was highly efficient. If I had any question or problem during my studies, I always received help and support in a very short time. And it is especially important for people coming from other countries, because this way they never feel lost.
Studying in Brno was also about fun! I met many people from different parts of the world, and found out many interesting things about other cultures and traditions. Students also often gathered in groups and arranged trips to other towns or even countries.
Generally, life in the Czech Republic is very exciting. There are tons of opportunities for leisure and traveling, for attending cultural events, visiting various historical places, and, what is also very important, learning Czech language. Without a doubt, the period of studying in Brno was a very vivid and unforgettable experience for me, and I would certainly recommend it to others!